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SQLScripter is a free SQL Server tool that you can use to quickly and easily automate the generation of database schema.
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This utility detects blocking locks on SQL Server 2005 and 2008, plus allows smtp notification and logging of the blocking event. If you have database concurrency issues then be sure to check out the Freeware version
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SQLServerUtilities offers tools designed to make the DBA’s work more efficient.

The tools offered at this site were developed by Yaniv Etrogi, a DBA who brings years of experience into his development work.

SQLScripter - A utility that automates the process of schema generation allowing you to keep database schema history at points in time. Very usefull and practical in variouse scenarios.

RestoreChecker - A utility that is designed to assure that all these backups that we take and manage so seriously can also be restored when the time comes and we need them. Think about it, many organizations have a backup policy but not a restore policy. In addition the utility also performs data integrity checks on the backups being restored to assure that every single page can be read. This is a great feature since the intensive checks are not effecting the production servers.

At the bottom line - this is an automatic process that lets you know all your backups are restorable and can be read from and in case there is a dmaged backup file or a page that cannot be read you get to know about it before it becomes too late.

TraceAnalyzer - A Tool with a great UI that reads Trace files (SQLTrace & Profiler files) and allows you to group and sort the SQL Batches and Statements.